Submit to 2018 t-shirt contest

Once again, we’re holding a contest to find the design for this year’s t-shirts. The artist of the winning design will receive 2 three-day passes to the Faire (value at least $50 each) as well as their choice of item with the design, such as a hoodie, short- or long-sleeve shirt, or tank top (value up to $55).

DEADLINE – Entries must be received by 5pm on March 10. The Barter Faire board will judge.

If available digitally, please submit via email to

If only available as a hard copy, please drop off at the Dome School / TCB office or mail to Ryan Forsythe, T-Shirt Coordinator c/o Hope Mountain Barter Faire, PO Box 812, Cave Junction OR 97523

* At a minimum, designs should include the following elements:
  • the words “Hope Mountain Barter Faire”
  • the year “2018” (or the full date: June 15-16-17, 2017)
  • a dragonfly [NOTE:  a sometimes tradition is to include the number of dragonflies equal to the year of the fair. This is the 16th, so 16 dragonflies, but this is optional. Please don’t stick in 16 dragonflies if it detracts from the overall design)

* If submitted electronically, preferred file formats are JPG and PSD (PhotoShop), but we can work with most file types. Submit at minimum of 10” wide at 300 dpi.

* Please note that designs will be screen-printed, so the number of colors used should not be more than 5 or 6 at most, as more colors translates to a greater cost per shirt.  [So note well: we may factor potential shirt cost into the design considerations – don’t go overboard!]

We have a gallery of past designs that you may wish to peruse for inspiration: t-shirt designs and poster designs.

Use of Cannabis in a public space

Before coming to our faire, please familiarize yourself with Oregon law regarding cannabis/marijuana use in a public space. 

475B.280 Prohibition against using marijuana item in public place. (1) It is unlawful for any person to engage in the use of marijuana items in a public place. (2) A violation of subsection (1) of this section is a Class B violation. [2015 c.1 §54]

Q: What is the definition of a public place?

A: Chapter 475B defines a public place as “a place to which the general public has access and includes, but is not limited to, hallways, lobbies, and other parts of apartment houses and hotels not constituting rooms or apartments designed for actual residence, and highways, streets, schools, places of amusement, parks, playgrounds and premises used in connection with public passenger transportation.”