Food Vendors

Dear Food Vendors,

This year marks the 17th Annual Hope Mountain Barter Faire. The 2019 Faire will take place on June 21st – 23rd at Lake Selmac County Park. We will gather once again to celebrate community, the bounty of our local spring season, and the practice of bartering and sharing.

We offer a limited number of food vendor spaces at the Faire. As last year, there will be one level/type of booth, an electrified booth with 20 feet of space for $300. You will be provided with two (2) operator passes to get into the event. Additional passes are available for $25 per adult with a limit of four (4).

There will also be a cleaning deposit of $200 for new vendors unless prior arrangement is made with the board of directors. NO PLASTIC OR STYROFOAM CUPS, PLATES OR BOWLS; PAPER ONLY. Each Food Vendor must provide their own trash barrel, with enough extra bags. No dumping of food waste will be tolerated. Food vendors are required to pack out all their trash. Failure to abide by these policies will result in the cleaning deposit not being returned, and may result in the removal of your booth from the event.

Food vendors must be willing to prove ten (10) meals for performers. Performers will obtain their meal with a coupon. Any meals fulfilled by coupon, above 10, will be reimbursed in full to the vendor by the fair’s president, treasurer, or secretary. Vendors will be responsible for tracking receipts past the ten tickets.

If you claim to be serving 100% organic food, please have food ingredient receipts available for inspection to prove your organic status. Food vendor operators are responsible for obtaining a Temporary Restaurant Permit from the Josephine County Health Department in Grants Pass. For a 3-day license, obtained ten (10) days in advance, the fee is $75. You can obtain this permit a week in advance and the fee is $90. You may also obtain this permit on site, the same day as the Faire, for $120.

Please click on the link below for the form to send with a check or money order for $300 (new vendors $500 including deposit), payable to Hope Mountain Barter Faire by June 6. Once your booth has been confirmed, your fee is NON-Refundable. Thank you for your participation in the Hope Mountain Barter Faire!

Also, please note this is a NO ALCOHOL AND NO DRUG EVENT!


2019 HMBF Vendor Form